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The Backseat Lovers PDX

Covering The Backseat Lovers show at the Doug Fir and getting my last fake ID taken

a helluva night. Slightly tweaked version out on the Emerald this morning as well.

Photos Courtesy of Naia L'amour-wolf

Months ago a friend of mine had told me that The Backseat Lovers were playing a December show at The Doug Fir Lounge in Portland. I lagged on snagging tickets because I’d only heard their most popular song, “Kilby Girl”, but thanks to the Emerald, I made it to the show. In case you aren’t familiar with the song, the track is about a 19 year old with a fake ID who seems to know stuff. Original. The ultimate irony on the 14th of December was that I, a twenty year old with a fake ID, did not know much. I got my flimsy Tennessee fake pulled at the show within a matter of minutes, all for the want of a Hazy IPA.

Somehow even after this classically juvenile ego crush, I still felt like one of the oldest people at the function.

The place was gills-packed with teeny boppers who were buzzing about how gorgeous the band's lead singer, Josh Harmon, looked as he set up on stage. Actually, it was less of a buzz and more of a dull roar. Oh to be 15 and randy over some band boy candy. My buddies and I joked that had the sold out show not been open to all ages, there would have been about ten people there — us being four of them. Did I mention the doors for the show opened at 4:30pm? Guess word got around that the kids needed to be in bed by 9.

If you are actually interested in hearing about the performance, ignore me thus far. My cynicism has to do with the fact that I was no better than the herd of highschoolers present with the loss of my fake ID. As soon as the music started, I let go of my wooden face and cracked a smile.

Prior to Doug Fir, The Backseat Lovers had been on tour for ages with a long string of scheduled dates still ahead. The band is from Utah so it makes sense why they want to get the hell out of dodge and onto a never ending tour. Even with more of America to cover and Europe to follow, the guys played with the enthusiasm of a first show on the road.

Their presence was ultra welcoming and the casualness of their conversation made the crammed venue feel intimate. They even snapped a picture on a disposable camera from someone in the front row and asked the audience for a coin to flip to decide what to play next. It seemed as if they were still having fun with the whole gig unlike most of the bands I see around here. Maybe it has something to do with the infectious excitement and naivety of their fanbase or maybe it has to do with their own. The Lovers formed in 2018 and with the two year intermission of live shows, the band hasn’t had the performance burnout that many of their counterparts have.

Once I got over how butthurt I was, the show wasn’t half bad. The only drawback was that Harmon said we were “the most respectful crowd they’ve ever played in front of.” Portland respectful? Do better PNW.

I wish I could say more but the Lovers went on at 6:00pm and were off by 7:00. Short and sweet like most of their fans. All in all, I’d go see The Backseat Lovers again, this time, I’d just bring my little cousin.


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