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Happy Birthday House of Records

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

The grooviest record store in Eugene turns 50 today! With Flux Magazine I talked to Greg Sutherland of House of Records all about his favorite albums and here they are! Support your locals and keep em' spun!

Greg's Grooves

Five funky LP's for your Listening Library. Cheers Greg!

Get Up With It (1974) - Miles Davis

“Davis’s music became different throughout his career and almost the whole of jazz followed it. There's a beginning, middle and an end and it takes you through this long trip.The first song is the entire side one and it’s a dirge for Duke Ellington who had just died; it's called “He Loved Him Madly.”

O-O-H Child (1970) - The 5 Stairsteps

Meet The Residents (1974) - The Residents

“On their debut, The Residents use a lot of found sound. They would tape tapes and do a sort of primitive sampling. No one knows what they look like because a big concept behind the band is erasing the cult of personality behind rock n roll so all that's left is the music.”

No One Cares (1959) - Frank Sinatra

Plastic Ono Band (1970) - Yoko Ono

“The same day John released his Plastic Ono Band, Yoko put out a record of the same name with the same exact cover, just the two sitting opposite. The lineup is Ringo, Yoko, Klaus Voorman and John and it's a heavy dark record, she's all over the map. You gotta be able to take some heavy scremaming, but if for nothing more, check out what John does. It scrambles your brain for a minute, that really is a reason I like to listen to records.”

Forever Changes” (1969) - Love

“It's an unknowable record. I’ve listened to it hundreds of hundreds of times and I still love it so much and it is still so mysterious to me.”

HOR Heavy Hitters

Greg’s top 5 albums for anyone looking to set the foundation for a solid collection.

Revolver (1966) ( UK Version) - The Beatles

Aftermath (1966) - Rolling Stones

Blonde on Blonde (1966) - Bob Dylan

Electric Ladyland (1968)- Jimi Hendrix

The Who Sell Out (1967) - The Who


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